Spokesmodel Team

MDP Is Recruiting for Spokesmodel Team '24!!!

If you are a rising junior (class of 2025) or senior (class of 2024) and love taking pictures, having fun, and making new friends, I invite you to join MDP's Spokesmodel Team! Get on the VIP List to get the application when it goes live on May 1, 2023

What is the MDP Spokesmodel Team?

The spokesmodel team is in a league of its own! Here is where you experience all the benefits of a senior session times 1000!!!

Spokesmodels have a unique opportunity to experience a wide range of activities and opportunities, including trying out unique locations, participating in group and individualized styled sessions, experiencing destination sessions, and participating in community service projects.

As a spokesmodel, YOU are the face of MDP for one whole year!!


This is our process:

I. VIP List + Applying.

#1 Get on the VIP list + Apply to be a part of the team!!

Get on the VIP List by entering your email below. Entering your email does not commit you to the program but it does give you all the information on the program. Applications will begin on May 1, 2023. I will accept up to 6 girls for the team. To be accepted, you must be a Junior or Senior at your school.

II. The Meeting.

#2 The Zoom Meeting

Having a Zoom meeting with all the applicants and their parents is a great way to discuss the details of the program and answer any questions they may have. It's important to provide as much information as possible so that everyone can make an informed decision about whether the spokesmodel program is right for them. Plus this will allow me to get the know the applicants a little more!

III. Let's Get Started.

#3 Congrats on being selected for the MDP Spokesmodel Team!!!

After the zoom meeting, those that make the team will be notified. Once notified you can celebrate being a part of the class of 2024/25 MDP Spokesmodel Team and we can begin having fun with photoshoots, team events, and so much more!!

What do MDP spokesmodels receive?

More Info:

STyle Group Sessions+ Destination session

INdividual Senior Sessions

Participate in Community service

Important Dates

Important Dates

May 1st

applications Open

Applications will be made available to those on the VIP list. If there are spots left after the VIP list

Applications will close on May 15th

May 29th

You have been selected!

Parents will be notified via email if selected to the spokesmodel team.

June, 15th

Meet and Greet

Yes! It's time to finally meet our team and have our first group mini headshot session in our MDP Team T-shirt!!

The Classic Senior Session

The Classic Senior Session

2 Hour Session

Up to 4 Outfit Changes

1 Location

25 Fully Edited Digital Images

Frequently Asked Questions


How many models do you take each year?

This year I will be selecting up to 6 girls for the team. I wish I could take everyone who applies but in order to provide the best experience for the team I am unable to select everyone.

What if I can't make it to every shoot?

If you can't make it to every session, it's no big deal. I understand this may be a very busy time in your life. However, I do provide you with a list of dates in advance so you can add them to your calendar.

Will I have to buy specific clothing?

I will have a theme or color scheme for each session. I highly encourage you to shop your closet first or even a friends. I do not require you to purchase clothes for the sessions.

How many photos will I receive?

Each group session is different so there is no set limit. You will have the opportunity to participate in both group and individual photos.

Where do the photoshoots take place?

Most of the sessions will take place in Pitt County. However, we may have some sessions in the surrounding counties.

Is there a program fee?

Yes, there is a program fee of 750$. I offer two payment plans to make it easier to manage the costs. You can pay in full or pay the fee in three installments

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